Resume building is about the craftsmanship of showcasing the amalgamation of relevant work experience and the required skillset.

TIQS helps in building this for you, in such a way, that, it would stand you out from the competition in the real world.


5 Critical Elements of resume as follows:


1. Title: Reaching out to the reader, introducing yourself and communicate your ability
2. Career Summary: Should be packed with your most sought-after skills, abilities, accomplishments and attributes
3. Required Skills: Skills required to be working in the industry. Key words from your job description and part of the Business as usual
4. Accomplishments: Showcasing where you have gone beyond your job duties. Describe your best ‘wins’, what you outdid for your employer
5. Educational qualification: Place experience before education if you have several years of experience. Place experience after education if you are an upcoming or recent graduate


Resume Checklist

Service Enquiry

    First impression

    -Does it look original & professional?
    -Career Summary included?
    -Clear sections and white spaces between?


    -Visually pleasing? font style/ size.
    -Are there design elements? bullets, bolding and lines.
    -Margins are even?”

    Resume sections

    -Are all sections labeled?
    -Work history in reverse chronological order?”

    Career Goal

    -Is the resume is targeted to a specific career goal?
    -If yes, does it includes supporting details?”


    -Quantified by using numbers, percentages or dollar amounts?
    -Does the statement begins with strong action verbs?”


    -Did you include required keywords / buzzwords?
    -Does it support your career summary?”

    Writing Style

    -Did you avoid writing in 1st person (I, me, my)?
    -Is the Flow logical?
    -No careless mistakes(typo, spellings)? “

    Not to forget
    Write your Volunteer experience (if any) and place it after your professional experience.