Many people leave their job selection entirely up to their luck. Well! Your luck is responsible to an extent only but your experience and skills play a vital role in getting a perfect job. TIQS believes in hiring leaders for leading organizations. We believe our passion for people and understanding of organizations help to convert potential humans into ultimate performers as we understand that without dedicated employees, one cannot reach the pinnacle of success.


We begin by understanding the client’s requirements and aims which helps us initiate the process of finding the best talent. It’s our responsibility to treat our aspirants special and make them meet their desired goals. To job seekers, we provide a friendly, appropriate and professional approach to their dreams and help them find reputed positions. We strongly believe that our responsibility doesn’t end up at the point where candidates meet their job opportunities. We even make them prepare for the interview, teach them how to perform, their job of nature, about the company and what type of clients the company deals with. We wish to walk the extra mile to help you accomplish your goals


With many years of rich experience in the field of IT we cater to companies from start-ups to large organizations and help them in finding the right candidate for the right job.


Thanks to our team, we offer the finest and most promising professional staffing services. Our team strives hard to offer quality employees and you will get just what you want. We always take time from our side to understand and listen to your business.

We are equipped with the best knowledge for sourcing and screening candidates. We are trained to decipher the competencies of a candidate. 



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