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Software Testing is the process whereby the correctness (verification) and completeness (validation) of the system under test (SUT) is ensured by delivering near to bug-free system to achieve customer satisfaction. The objective of this course is to provide the students with the best knowledge about Software Testing (QA) and get them ready for the job market with hands-on experience on projects.

This course provides a brief introduction to the fundamental principles and processes of software testing.  It includes theory classes and workshops in which you will be able to learn about software testing methodologies and techniques as well as practice them on a real project.

Course outcomes

 After completing this course, you will be able to: 

  • Explain the process of Software Testing 
  • Define different types of testing, methodologies and techniques
  • Write test cases with appropriate test terminologies and method
  • Better understand Test Planning, Test Designing, Test Execution and Test Reporting
  • Know the Software Defect life cycle ( SDLC) and Software Test Life cycle (STLC)
  • Use defect management tools such as JIRA
  • Learn about the use of SQL in backend testing
  • Get hands-on experience in testing while working on a real project in the workshop.

The module of this course includes the Placement Assistance process. Experienced instructors will help you to build your resume to showcase your skills while targeting your dream job. There will be mock interviews conducted for preparation for real job interviews. 

This course is a good option for those who are interested to work in IT fields: Software Tester, Software Engineer, DevOps Engineer and Test Automation Engineer. The average salary based on these roles is $58,000 to $68,000.

Module 1

Introduction to Software Testing and Quality

  • Software Life Cycles and stages ( STLC and DLC)
  • Software Development Models (Waterfall, Spiral, Prototype, V & V, Agile &Scrum)
  • Testing Techniques– Black Box, White Box, Grey Box 
  • Types of testing, Methodologies and Techniques in software testing (Functional & Non Functional test types and techniques)
  • Events and Actions in Software testing (Test Scenarios and Test Cases and how to articulate test scenarios from BRD and generate test cases– Practice)
  • Types of Testing- Static & Dynamic Testing and More
  • Software Quality Assurance Standards– CMMI Model and  SIX SIGMA
  • Test Planning, Test Designing, Test Execution and Test Reporting
  • Test measurement Techniques and Metrics Collection (Different types of reports)
  • Defect Management and defect resolution process 
  • Defect Severities and Priorities
  • User Acceptance Testing (Alpha and Beta testing) 
  • Testing Terminologies & Object-Oriented Concepts 
  • Agile Methodology with Scrum Framework & Agile Techniques
  • Introduction to Mobile App Testing
  • Introduction to and hands-on training in test & defect management tools such as JIRA 10, Bugzilla

Module 2


  • Scanning round (Screening you with your current resume)
  • Research week
  • Allocation of project work  for working on Live Projects

Module 3

Test Management with Atlassian Suite (JIRA)

  • Introduction to JIRA
  • Introduction to Confluence
  • How to add User Stories, Product Back Logs to JIRA and Confluence
  • Using JIRA for Live Projects
  • Administration in JIRA
  • How to create defects in JIRA and create Reports

Module 4

Test Management with Atlassian Suite (JIRA)

  • Introduction to Database and Object Rational Database Management  System (ORDBMS)
  • Introduction to 4 families in SQL
  • Difference between DBMS, RDBMS and ORDBMS
  • DDL Commands (Create, Alter, Drop with sub-commands for Alter)
  • DML Commands (Insert, Update, Delete and Select)
  • Understanding Object-Oriented Programming (OOPS) Concepts (Inheritance, Polymorphism and Encapsulation)
  • Simple and Intermediate SQL queries and syntax of SQL queries
  • Database role in application development
  • Constraints and Joins (Equijoin, Inner Join and Outer Join) in SQL

Module 5

Fundamentals of Unix Operating system

  •  UNIX- Operating System
  • Top 20 Unix Commands

Module 6

Introduction to Defect Tracking Tool Bugzilla

  • Bugzilla
  • Who uses Bugzilla?
  • A bug life cycle
  • Adding a bug into the database
  • Bugzilla Query page
  • Review existing bug reports
  • Manage the content 

Module 7

Placement Assistance Process

  • Resume Preparation
  • Mock Interviews 
  • Practice Assignments 
  • Job Placement Assistance

Module 8

Test Automation using Selenium

  • Selenium automation fundamentals and advanced
  • CI/CD pipeline using GIT, Maven and Jenkins
  • Basic and Advanced Selenium by a very experienced instructor

Module 9

Introduction to other Automation Tools

  • SoapUI/Postman for API testing{What, Where, Why, When and How}

Our Main Instructors

I have over 18 years of experience as an entrepreneur, CEO and owner of The IQS with a unique flair and a successful history of delivering complex projects