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Application Programming Interface (API) Testing is a software testing type that checks the functionality, reliability, performance, and security of a programming interface. API Testing mainly concentrates on the business logic layer of the software architecture. 

In this course, you will learn about API testing, the various methods and techniques of testing using API in order to advance your career as an API tester.

This software testing type has several advantages such as:

  • Access without UI: A key advantage of API testing is having access to the application without a user interface or users to interact with the system. In other words, QA testers can run API tests without needing to experience the software application. This is a great advantage because it provides QA engineers early insight into defects and errors so that developers can resolve the issues before they impact the Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • Test for Core Functionality: Testing the code-level functionality of an application provides an early evaluation of its overall build strength. Core access enables testing in tandem with development, fostering communication and improved collaboration between teams.
  • Time Effective: One of the major advantages of APIs is that API testing is far less time-consuming. API testing is known for its speediness in delivering results! 

Because of the importance, advantages and simplicity of API Testing, this course is designed to make students gain the necessary skills which will permit them to become API testers.

Course outcomes

During this course you will learn how to:

  • Use key concepts and fundamentals to do API testing
  • Define, develop, test, and observe an API using a version control system.
  • Install SOAPUI and understand web services.
  • Do various types of API testing like Database Testing, Rest API Testing, Web Services testing

Some API job prospects are: Quality Assurance Tester, Manual Tester, Software Tester, Automation Tester, Performance Tester and Quality Specialist

Module 1

  • Installing SOAPUI and understanding web services.
  • Exploring SOAPUI tool basic features-creating 1st Test suite and test cases
  • Practices Problems: Document- Terms and Meanings

Module 2

  • Web Services Testing (Manual) Basic and Advanced Assertions
  • Webservices Automation Testing in SOAPUI
  • Practice Problems: End to end Exercises, Practice Automation Exercises

Module 3

  • Rest API Testing(Manual)
  • Rest API Automation testing with SOAPUI
  • Practice Problems: End to end Exercises, Practice Automation Exercises

Module 4

  • Rest API Json Assertions and validations.
  • Security Testing
  • Practice Problems: Practice Assertions and Automation Exercises

Module 5

  • Database Testing
  • Load Testing with Practical Example
  • Practice Problems: Create and test Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)  connections. Putting load on REST calls.

Module 6

  • SOAPUI Pro features
  • Sample Interview Q&A

Our Main Instructors

My name is Sid Sharma, I have an MA in Business Management. I have an ISTQB and Canadian software testing Board Certificate